308654_258926167481386_1436120644_nIt’s no secret to anyone that a good amount of the civilization wars in the prehistoric times took place in what we now call Mexico and South/Central America, where one of the preservers of moombahton, Javier Estrada, calls home.  Since moombahton and worldy sounds are like catnip for me, I was excited to see this release as a precursor to his Moombahton EP, which is forthcoming.  In this track, Javier mixes tribal chants and yells that make you feel like you’re next to a fire in the middle of the jungle ready to head into battle with a steady bleeped bassline that is filled out by moombah stabs sure to murder any oncoming attack.  This track is just a morsel of what’s to come from the adept producer who’s career is going to be unfolding rapidly this year.

Listen / Download : Civilizations War – Javier Estrada

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