For us, its exciting to see a producer who lends themselves to various and unique projects, like Baltimore native, Nacey, for example.  Nacey not only produces for himself with a wide range of sounds; from down-tempo-ish, make you want to ponder life tracks, to uppity moombah tracks with ETC!ETC! and more as a T&A artist (naturally with the DC environment that he now surrounds himself in), he forms one third of the electic indie group called “Misun” (like me-sun).  The feel of the Misun project is a bit more on the experimental side of electronica as it meets the indie/folk side of the spectrum.  The funky guitar riff throughout this track gives of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs vibe and paired with Misun Wojcik’s sultry and full voice the track will having you feel like a creeper that should be “kept in the shadows” as threatened.  As Nacey’s productional portfolio continues to expand, I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until he’s the big name behind pop productions like RedOne or Zedd that we hear on the radio everyday, we hope his talent explodes into the mainstream sooner than later.

Listen / Download : Darkroom – Misun (Prod. by Nacey)

Misun on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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