The shear amount of music that Butch puts out amazes me. Hot off the heel’s of his highly-charted Visionquest Records debut just last month entitled Lullabies to Paralyze , Butch released yet another incredible EP today via Hot Creations. Although Lullabies to Paralyze was a little bit more minimal, this EP was created with the beachfront parties in mind.

The title track, “Highbeams,” contains a soulful and melodic vocal sample from Benjamen Franklin. With the repeating “say goodnight” atmospherically being brought and and dropped out, this track is a perfect closer for a DJ’s set. The other original track on the album, “Faith,” has one of those massive trippy buildups that Butch is famous for. The song feels as though everything’s falling apart with scattered ambient sounds clashing against each other before the bass kicks back in and releases the song into a peak-set dancefloor burner. Benjamen Franklin’s ethereal voice helps carry the track through to the end.

Also on the EP is a slew of remixes. First up, we have Maceo Plex‘s rendition of “Highbeams,” which sees Maceo add a little more clubby feel to the original. Then comes in Miguel Campbell‘s extremely funky nu-disco track with tribal drums and a great manipulation of the original’s vocals. PBR Streetgang‘s remix may be my personal favorite from the album, with de-tuned vocal chops and an absolutely vicious bassline, this is the track that will blow party-goers away.

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