One of Montreal’s finest, Kaytranada, hooked it up via the infamous label Huh, What & Where aka HW&W with an EP of some of the flyest beats you’ve heard this year, hands down. This man has stayed true to his craft for a long while, still never leaving his unique style of sample work and swagger on every beat. He can hold his own in some of the dancier styles, shown in the track “Hot Jazzybelle” with more of an old school 70’s Dance vibe to it, still maintaining the trillness of tracks like the rightfully named “Club Bang.” Even still he is able to produce a track with JMSN on vocals that literally rivals the best of the best in R&B, some of the sexiest swag I’ve encountered in my life. This guy definitely embodies what it is to join up with all that has happened in the EDM scene with Trap culture, while still staying true to the beat-scene which Father Dilla left behind for us. Do not miss out on this EP, “Kaytra Todo” is worth every penny.

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