Consistency is one of the most important aspects for any artist.  Nobody wants to be considered a one-hit-wonder, and nobody should be releasing mediocre tracks along side their excellent material.  It’s bands like MAU that have been keeping it consistent with their numerous releases.  This isn’t the first time MAU has been featured here and it will definitely not be the last.  MAU is a five piece electronic band that have a couple members that participate in producing and playing DJ sets.

MAU is set to release their new album this March, but until then we’ll have to play out their remixes and past originals.  MAU’s newest remix is one for Death In The Afternoon.  An official remix that showcases MAU’s ‘dreamwave’ sounds is perfect for people that love indie-dance with a darker side.  Ominous dark sounds are produced over a slow-moving and equally dark beat.  Fans of chillwave, indie-dance and anything in between will surely enjoy this new remix from MAU!

Download: Tricks (MAU Remix) – Death In The Afternoon

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