So I have to be honest, I left this free download in my email since the day it came out, and I couldn’t be more upset at myself. In my book, anything Joe Kay of Soulection says, goes, and being highly recommended by him and Soulection via social media outlets, this was bound to be too fly. This Azusa, CA resident, J-Louis is taking the world of sexy swag by storm with some of the smoothest tracks you’ve ever heard, and still maintaining the trillness harnessed by many other Soulection artists. A perfect thing to cop if your tryina get sensual with someone, or if you just need some nice ambient trap to keep your day moving, or a long car ride. Realistically, I’m making a CD for the whip to make sure I can drive to this everywhere. ranging from just R&B styled trap to some baile kind of stuff like in the track “Suave” much like some works of Sango (also works with Soulection). All in all, don’t be like me, and snag this asap, it will get you laid and keep you sane!

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