A young producer named Pyxis (whom I thought was foreign at first) hails from the sleepy midwestern city of Louisville, Kentucky.  I came across this new tune “Se Detendre” first, but after having listened to almost everything on his SoundCloud, I can surly say, I’m excited for anything from this young producer.

“Se Detendre” is noted with the genre of ‘Liquid Chill’ on soundcloud, which to my surprise, holds pretty true after listening.  The track starts with licks from a reverb ridden guitar and the synths slowly move, as if water (or some other liquid), into a solid drum beat.  There, the instrumental picks up speed and the guitar licks form the extremely catchy melody that will be sustained for most of the tune.  If you’re a fan of chillwave, guitar mixed with electronic music and straight-up catchy feel-good music, this is the tune for you!

If you enjoyed this, check out Pyxis’ Flume Remix, Bondax Remix and a Washed Out Remix.  Which, of course, are all for free download!  Thank Pyxis by liking his Facebook page!

Download: Se Detendre – Pyxis
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/53pg.mp3]

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