Anyone who knows Lapalux and his jaw-dropping works, definitely should be excited to know he’s working with a rapper, especially one like the prolific Busdriver. This new track is NOT off his new album “Nostalchic” out next month (March) via the ever-outstanding Brainfeeder label which makes me even more excited for the album knowing this is just something they thought was worth just handing out. Some classic Lapalux vibes in here, with some awesome up-tempo feel during some fierce rhymes, something unseen by Lapalux previously, and it couldn’t be more awesome. The flow that Busdriver lays on this also could not be fresher, with some fast spitting that makes you rewind it over and over, saying to yourself, “did he just say that?” If anything, I’m sure this download wont be up for long so grab the official one but let this track ensure that the album out next month will be one of the sickest releases of 2013!

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