At this point it is needless to say that the label Forward Thinking Sounds is paving an unbeaten path into the music world, showcasing some of the most diverse collections of sounds and artists in the 2013 EDM culture. Lucky for us, we were able to co-release the latest song to come out of this label “Speak for the Trees”. An atmospheric journey through bass driven melodies and ambient Middle-Eastern vibes, this song was composed by Soulular and Spoken Bird, who are both artists that you should become familiar with immediately if you like this track. Both of these artists continuously bring other-wordly vibes to their production, and this newest song is a perfect combination of glitch-hop drum sequences and trippy yet smooth waves of bass and synth. As always, this FTS release is available for free download, so go ahead and download the future and chill out to some awesome vibes!

Soulular on Facebook | Soundcloud
Spoken Bird on Facebook | Soundcloud

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