Over the past couple of weeks, Flight Facilities has been releasing a number of edits for tunes that just don’t have that club-ready feel or sound.  You might remember their “Fifth Of Beethoven” edit from a week ago.  The duo that brought you the ever-remixed “Crave You” has been on quite the streak of good tunes as of late.  “You Can Call Me Al” brings back so many memories and overall is just a beautifully crafted feel-good tune.  Flight Facilities obviously feel the same, they didn’t change up the original very much for the edit.  They looped a few different sections of the track and added a more fitting drum beat for DJ use.  The only unfortunate part of this edit is that you have to wait until after the four minute mark to belt out the classic few lines.

“If you be my bodyguard, I can be you long last pal!  I can call you Betty, and Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al!”

Download: You Can Call Me Al (Flight Facilities Edit) – Paul Simon
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/5411.mp3]


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