JODY, is a six-part R&B group coming out of Chicago with David Robertson, James King (The GTW), and Kahlee Standberry-Lois on the vocals alongside production team The-Drum including Jeremiah Meece, and Brandon Bloom. This group caught my attention over the past few weeks when they released singles “Ehcos” and “Floodin” on SoundCloud. Magique is the first EP they’ve released and have two more in the works, along with a full LP. The five song EP is essentially 3 songs and two skits that leaves me eagerly awaiting more material to come from this Chicag0- based group. The first real track on the EP “Echos” begins with with a spacey experimental beat and high-pitched falsetto-style singing that reminds me of The Weeeknd, but seamlessly transitions into a lazy stoner-style swag rap verse incorporating pitched down vocals that perfectly compliment the ever expanding production. The second real track on this release “Floodin” really shows that not only can JODY get their sexy on with their high vocals range, but they also have perfected the art of swagged out verses that are the hybrid of a rap verse and a sung chorus while highlighting the spacey hard hitting production provided by The-Drum. The final real track “Magique” feels like the seductive combination between The Weeknd and Mike G from Odd Future.

Stream or purchase “Magique” here:

Download: Magique by JODY

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