Recently two Milwaukee, WI artists got together with the help of MC Spade One to craft this huge new dubstep tune.  Our homies Antic’s have been on a roll with releasing new material (check out their new Fall Out Boy remix), and it’s ever-appearent that the duo has been progressing through their production.  In this new one Antics and Ruka take a page from Skrillex and other alike dubstep artists to make this new one.  MC Spade One backs up the production with frequent vocal drops and a blurb right before the drop.  We get to hear heavy chainsaw and laser bass rattle the subs on this one.  If you’re a fan of some big heavy dubstep this one will absolutely do the trick on this Sunday.  Enjoy!

Download Antics & Ruka Raise Em Up (feat. Spade One)

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