Scotland has something major up its sleeve and its not just Hudson Mowhawke. This guy is in fact, just as trill, but a little more on the “future” side of things. With a style that will make most-to-all dance music lovers want to “twerk, twerk, twerk” in hearing works like this awesome track, the young ¥oin is currently taking Europe by storm, and hopefully the U.S as well soon enough. He uses a unique blend of trill percussion based out of the trap/footwork movement, including the forever awesome bed-spring noise, but the use of classic synths and bubble sounds keeps any purist of European EDM overjoyed. A blend of such things is not one to sleep on. The free download link was just recently brought to its limit, but if you comment on his Soundcloud enough, I’m sure he’ll make a new link for ya’ll :) 

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