Leave it to Atlanta, GA producer Herobust (born Hayden Kramer) to break down the boundaries or genres and throw us something completely new and unexpected.  Herobust unleashed his four track Busted House EP today where the young producer ‘busted’ four house tunes into a trap and bass madness. “Flossed N Found” plays on the “Damn Son, Where’d You Find This” and has an unexpectedly huge latter half.  “Girls Gone Wildabeast” features glitchy bass and chopped vocal samples that leave you bouncing from start to finish.  “Assault N Pepa” is brings big bass with a more glitch-hop feel.  And finally, “Arnold Facepalmer” closes out the EP on a solid note.  Fans of Herobust shouldn’t be scared of this busted house that Hayden is dabbling in, it’s still the same heavy sounds that Herobust has been making for a while now…just with a different twist.  If there is one thing to learn today it’s that no tune is safe from being “busted” by Herobust and that his song titles are just as good as his music.

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