285497_477487752300390_1028426788_nPhoto courtest of Souls In Action & Elise McKay

There is only one man that goes harder than anyone else in the crowd, and that’s Figure (born Josh Gard).  Figure must share in our intense passion for the hit the wall headrush that only the finest dark espresso beans can deliver when he decided to revive Aesop Rock’s “Coffee” track.  Taking the vocal layers from the master lyricist, Figure takes us on a left turn into headbanging glorytown with the ear-numbing basslines he weaves in with his subtle tactics that make you think this is how the original should have sounded all along.  We give Figure a huge round of applause for his take on melding hip-hop to the bass world without resorting to repetitive hi-hats and looping 808’s that have become almost too familiar and commend him for sticking true to his roots for which we know and love him.

Catch Figure on tour now!  We caught his set in Denver last week and it was phenomenal, don’t miss one of the best shows there is!

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