PetCatz ‘N Dogz house imprint Pets Recordings has released it’s third installment of the highly successful Friends Will Carry You Home Too saga today. Rapidly becoming one of my favorite ongoing compilation series, the entire set will be released as a 2 CD set later this month. Label owner Voitek stated, “[Pets Recordings] decided to do two CDs because we wanted to show that our label is not just a house music outlet. With CD2, we challenged some artists from our label and asked them to make something totally different from what they usually do.” (If you missed part one and two, they’re HERE).

Part 3 starts off with a tribal-driven acid house production from Germans Tigerskin and Til Von Sein entitled “In The Line of Fire”. The synths on this track seems to fall apart and come together harmoniously at the same time the funky bassline keeps the beat going throughout. The soulful “No One Has To Know” by Squarehead has become a quick favorite, fusing garage, deep house, and bootytech all into one. This feel-good song will be sure to get those asses shaking on the dancefloor! Eltron John‘s remix of Drrax‘s “Red Turns To Green” creates great ambiance and is a trippy journey through sound. Eats Everything also offers up a little something different than his usual sound with the 114 BPM slowed down “Need”. I’m sure this will be dropped in his live sets sped up a whole bunch with complex bass and eerie female vocal samples that fade in and out. The compilation closes out with “Dive” by Chmara which is another slowed down track that’s extremely groovy and is perfect to close out a night with.
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