There is little known about the anonymous producer TWOS.  I do know this, he makes great music and runs a pretty cool Tumblr blog showcasing his tunes and other relatable media.  We’ve given you TWOS’ Feel EP back in January and since then we’ve seen a ton of new material.  If you’re looking for a solid set of tunes, perfect for studying, chilling or getting lifted, TWOS’ soundcloud is the place to be.

In TWOS’ new tune “Going Home”, we’re given guitar plucking over an ambient tracks of white noise to start.  Soon a thumping drum beats lays the foundation for the four minute track.  Fuzzy warm bass and synths soak the tune to give it texture and feeling while chopped up vocal bits are spliced in but nearly undecipherable.  Around the 2:25 mark the tune picks up into a trill-like beat with more pitched vocals and beautiful crafting.  For fans of XXYYXX, Andrea, Giraffage and more, you cannot miss out on TWOS.

Download Twos Going Home

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