If you were to ask me what the biggest hip-hop song of 2012 was, I would instantly reply “Mercy”,  by Kanye West. In order for me to love a remix I have to like it more than the original, and that is exactly what RL Grime and Salva came up with for their sensational “Mercy” remix that left the internet begging for more material from this twosome. The duo that brought us Scurvy’s #1 trap song of 2012 is back at it again and this time they have taken a very different approach. As opposed to remixing a track that was already insanely popular and hard hitting, RL Grime and Salva use the track “What a Shame” from Jamie Lidell‘s self-titled album released a couple weeks ago. The original track took a pretty aggressive approach to the production which created a poppy, melodic tune that makes you want to bob your head and sing along. This remix transformed the original into something that makes you want to get down and party. Appearing on RL Grime‘s Diplo and Friends mix, this track will be getting heavy rotation here as this duo proved that big things happen whenever when they work together.

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