Mr.Carmack has honestly never let me down. His works are always so swagged, basically to the point that it hurts. Being a Hawaiian native, you can really feel his smooth island vibes come out in all that he puts out, even including some of the “harder” tracks that he releases. This EP extends into the realm of sexy swag in a way that is extremely exciting, taking some old school hip-hop vibes, and matching them up with some trill aspects of percussion, making some of the most swagged out works we’ve heard this year. These tracks make me want to dance with almost every ounce of energy, and its nice to see someone as prolific as himself rocking on more old-school vibes while still truly making it his own. One dollar is honestly way too little to pay for something like this, but luckily, he’s a nice guy, so be nice back and support!

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