Fresh off their collaborative EP with Two Fresh, our favorite electro-pop duo from Nashville are back with six brand-new songs for us to jam out to. They dropped the awesome 80’s throwback video for “Jazzercise 95 last week, and seeing them play that track when opening up for PantyRaid this past week solidified it as one of my favorite Cherub tracks. The rest of the songs follow the catchy and danceable pop music they have released in the past, singing about doing lines in the bathroom stall over their precise production. The EP combines the sounds of new age R&B with indie music like Chromeo with spectacular results; there isn’t a single skippable track on the entire EP. “Where We Should Be” is a personal favorite of mine, which is a departure from the upbeat feel we are used to from the group, trading 80’s synths for slow, melodic guitar that features the spectacular vocal range of the group. Look out for the duo to release a follow-up Unplanned Parenthood with Two Fresh in the coming months and if you feel like supporting the band, make sure to purchase the EP on iTunes.

Download: 100 Bottles EP – Cherub

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