Thedankles.comIf you’ve been following Cry Wolf as of late, lots of exciting things are happening and still to come!  Last week, Cry Wolf & Ianborg released their melodic yet heavy “Oceans” (read more on “Oceans” here), and this week Cry Wolf and Aylen gives us “Silence Pt. II”.  Soon we’ll also be hearing Cry Wolf’s upcoming EP Ghosts. Cry Wolf & Aylen’s “Silence Pt. II” isn’t a huge departure from “Oceans” last week.  Still carrying the melodic vibe with the addition of vocals from Charity Lane.  And once again, Cry Wolf and Aylen give us equal parts melodic vibes and heavy bass.  You don’t have to wait long for the tune to pick up speed and get exciting which is why I love Cry Wolf, always something fresh and new!  Download this one now, and if you’re attending Snowball this year, Cry Wolf is playing an after party with RUN DMT!  Check the link and buy tickets!

Download Crywolf & Aylen Silence Pt. II

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