Every since the release of Baths‘ excellent Cerulean in 2010, I have been anxiously awaiting the follow-up from the LA producer. Now after three years we are finally getting ready to hear the second LP from Baths, Obsidian, released via Anticon on May 28th, and he took to SoundCloud today to release the first single from the album today. “Miasma Sky” seems like a natural progression to Cerulean, with Will Wiesenfeld’s vocals taking a backseat to the N64-era synths and random blips and skips throughout the song. Baths is supporting The Postal Service on the first leg of their comeback tour, look out for him to come to a city near you.

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Obsidian Tracklisting:

1. Worsening
2. Miasma Sky
3. Ironworks
4. Ossuary
5. Incompatible
6. No Eyes
7. Phaedra
8. No Past Lives
9. Earth Death
10. Inter

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