“Life is an amazing knot. Everything happening at once tangled, winding, overlapping…Skyclad is about getting a chance to see the knot from above. See it for what it is. Even of its only for a second.” – Alvin Risk

The strength of scarf has been summoned again by Alvin Risk with his newest release “Skyclad”.  An amazing product from the production genius, Alvin Risk even features his own vocal talents to the track as the cherry on top.  Heavy synths and an arsenal of lazers are capable of perking any listener’s eardrums up enough to lift them into this reflective state that Risk was aiming for.  Although the dubstep influence is more than apparent in this track, there is an equally balancing softness delivered through the vocals and lighter piano samples to strike equilibrium.

Listen : Skyclad – Alvin Risk

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