I vividly remember see Chicago natives, Hey Champ playing Lollpalooza in 2009.  It was a big year for Hey Champ, coming off the release of the insanely catchy “Cold Dust Girl”, “Face Control” and a slew of others.  This three piece electronic band was probably one of my first introductions to disco-house and house with a new-wave feel to it.  A couple months back, Hey Champ brought us “Cliche” (read more and download here), a song that represents their overall sound.

“Comet” takes a different course this time around.  Hey Champ still keeps it lively and fresh, but this time we have a darker approach to synth music.  On vocals we have BeuKes providing sweet and sensual lyrics that eventually are joined by Hey Champs own vocalist.  “Comet” an stylish attempt at producing space-like sounds and capturing it within a four and a half minute track…”Houston, we don’t have any problems with this, please press repeat”.

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