There’s very little that can compare to the haze that a combo of a good Khao dish and a few greenleaves following, not even the famed turkey & tryptophan keep up in my opinion.  Personifying this feeling and translating it for our audio pleasure are Mr. Vega and Heartbreak, who teamed up to bring us “Thai”.  The ambient bass intro is exactly like the veil that good thai food provides to haze your mind over after consumption.  Attenuated hi hats and rolling drums add a dash of a trap feel, yet the smoothness of the underlying melody is way too easy to melt into.  As just a sample of the larger picture, “Thai” is one of the six tracks that together make “Trap For The First Time” which also features the talents of Otis Clapp, Kepstar, Dell Harris & KO-Lition (also available below).

Listen / Download : Thai – Mr. Vega & Heartbreak

Listen / Download the entire “Trap For The First Time” EP – Mr. Vega

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