You may have seen the interview we did with these two guys (Westside Schmucks) and DJ Uniiqu3 a little while back, while showcasing their track together, which was a definite banger. If you heard it, you already know to expect some awesome things from these two, but this one SURELY is a pleasant surprise. Some chords in the beginning literally melt your face, until the club-part steps in and puts you right in your place, which is on your feet, wildin’ out. Not only is this song highly relatable, everyone knowing how some “pussy (can) drive you crazy,” but I think of this track as some of the best pussy that club music has to offer. To be honest, the end is almost my favorite part, leaving you wanting more since they almost make a half-time feel just for a little, and give one big shout-out to the fellas with a single, classic “DICK” sample, definitely repping the #DICKSQUAD crew to the fullest! Be sure to stay up with these guys, as this track has been given out in celebration towards a milestone of theirs, and they show no signs of stopping!

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