Whenever I see that Danny Brown has a new video, I know I’m in for a treat as his stuff seems to just get better and better.  However, teaming up with The Purist on the beat and Globodigital for the video, has made one of my favorite tracks of Danny’s, almost immediately. The Purists’ vibe on this gives the track a mythical, tribal feel, which complements Danny’s style in an unbelievable way, creating an atmosphere that’s like tripping in the hood in the amazon. Who doesn’t wanna do that? The video sets you in a place where your in the internet’s grasp that is frightening  but still comforting on every level, and really brings out all that the track has to offer. Let’s not even forget that, as usual, Danny Brown MURDERS this track, with a flow and word play that at every punchline, you have to freak out (or at least I did)… At this point, I have to say just watch and absorb because my words honestly cannot do this justice!

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