If you were worried about Earl getting too serious with his new material after “Chum,” Tyler disproves that within seconds of this new track saying how they’re “going back to that 2010 shit.” I’m just going to come out and say it- Earl Sweatshirt is one of the best lyricists in the game right now and it’s time people start taking notice. “Who”a begs for you to listen to it multiple times because each time you listen to it appreciate it more; the rhymes flow together so impeccably well that it’s hard to digest them all at first. They’re split up with a soothing piano riff that comes in along with Tyler, the Creator‘s deep voice to chant “G-O-L-F-dub-A-N-G” a simple chorus that is the perfect compliment to the complex verse. And then there’s the video- Odd Future absolutely kills the music video game, especially when directed by Wolf Haley (that’s Tyler’s alias, for those who don’t know). Odd Future fans will love the cameos from Jasper and Lucas while newcomers will appreciate the cinematography and shots of Earl rapping while on a raft in the middle of an abandoned swimming pool. Between Doris and Tyler, The Creator‘s Wolf coming out soon, it’s clear that Odd Future is absolutely going to own 2013- especially after experiencing the massive scene in Boulder last night that called for police in riot gear when Tyler, the Creator played at a show at the Fox Theatre. GOLF WANG.

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