The Boulder, Colorado trio known as Robotic Pirate Monkey is back with another free release!  The trio just came off a successful weekend playing at Snowball Music Festival and in celebration released this excellent EP.  Booty Snatch EP is a five track EP filled to the brim with as much bass as possible.

The first single from the EP, “Tides Of Babylon” starts of the EP in a huge way.  Bringing the bass right from the start with spacey synths, perfectly placed samples and an infectious melody.  “Port Side Bounce” features Late Night Radio and has a bluesy feel that slowly transforms into dubstep tune that will be sure to have your head bobbing from start to finish.  “Digging For Fortune” gives the listen a Pretty Lights Music feel with extra bass on the side.  “Lazer Hook” featuring The Digital Connection is nothing short of excellent with samples spliced in at the right time, throwing the listener metaphorical curve balls through music.  Finally, the last track on the EP, “Bob Overboard” starts with Bob Dylan interview vocal sample and transforms into a guitar lick ridden track that is sure to have anyone groovin’ and ends the EP on a solid note.  Listen and download all five tracks below!

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