mi casaThere aren’t many better ways to kick off the festival season than the whole idea of “mi casa es tu casa”, since traveling and seeing old faces in new places will be aplenty in the next few months.  And as we’re guilty of crashing with the friends who became family in cities throughout the US & Europe, this sense of comradery and openness, in every way, shape, and form, is something we have become dependent on.  Alas the track “Mi Casa” encapsulates this feeling of opening of arms in the lighter, tech-house release that he’s unleashing as SXSW gets under full swing.  Progressive in its own right, the vertical elements in the track pull from disco and soul influences while the steely drum and basslines minimalistically hold everything together like glue.  A perfect track to groove to on the beach, in the car, or the kitchen even, grab this free release and mentally prepare for the craziness to ensue between now and next Labor Day (which we hope never comes)

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