San Francisco duo, Seatraffic is composed of Mark Zannad and Brandon Harrison, and while they’re still a small group, their sound is very big!  Seatraffic formed in the summer of 2011 and released their debut self-titled EP in November of 2011 (listen and download here).  Since then, things have been looking up for Seatraffic, with a sound that is solid and ever-growing.  “Superficial Heart” is a tune that has tons of energy and even louder belting from frontman Mark Zannad.  Their version of dream-pop is met by tinges of electronic melodies.  Grab the original and also check out the remix from fellow San Fran local, YR SKULL.

Download Seatraffic Superficial Heart

Download Seatraffic Superficial Heart (YR SKULL Remix)

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