Deep Cut Thursday

Do you like  booty-tech, deep house, or G-house? That nu-disco, jackin’ house, or tech house? If you said yes to any of these, then Deep Cut Thursday is the post for you. Each week we will highlight our select favorite tracks spanning across all of electronic music’s darker cousins, showcasing free tracks, new releases, and some deep after-hour cuts “from the vaults”.

This week we have quite a slew of awesome tracks. First off, we got Billy Kenny‘s refix of his unbelievable jackin’ house collaboration with Chris Gresswell entitled “Diamond Rings”. Chris James offers up a fun shuffling garage track with “Bring Me Down”, Los Rombos gives us a sleazy deep house remix of PrinceAmir brings us on a soulful deep journey, and Andre Salmon makes Lady Gaga actually sound good. Also new this week are Kolombo‘s G-house album, Glasgow Underground‘s first compilation, Sleazy Deep‘s most recent release, and Softcash‘s gem “It’s Your Turn” EP. In the deep cuts this week we have a new collaborative EP from our friend Vitor Munhoz and fellow Brazilian DJ Glen, Sebo K dark and surreal track, Kris Wadsworth‘s hypnotizing remix of a Peter O song, and a techy effort from Ala.

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What’s Free:

:: Billy Kenny & Chris Gresswell ::

Download: Diamond Rings (Billy Kenny’s 2013 Refix) – Billy Kenny & Chris GresswellBilly Kenny on SoundCloud | Twitter
Chris Gresswell on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Chris James ::

Download: Bring Me Down – Chris James
Chris James on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Andre Salmon ::

Download: Just Dance (Andre Salmon ‘Black Baby’ Remix) – Lady GagaAndre Salmon on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Los Rombos ::

Download: Lake Minnetonka Redux 320 – Los Rombos
Los Rombos on SoundCloud

:: Amir ::

Download: So Sweet – AmirAmir on Facebook | SoundCloud

What’s New:

:: Kolombo ::

Purchase: Let’s Drink EP – KolomboKolombo on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Glasgow Underground ::

Purchase: Super Heavyweight – VA – Glasgow UndergroundGlasgow Underground on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Search DiP ::

Purchase: Nobody But You – Search DiPSearch DiP on Facebook | SoundCloud
Sleazy Deep on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Softcash ::

Purchase: It’s Your Turn EP – Softcash

Softcash on Facebook | SoundCloud

Deep Cuts:

:: DJ Glen & Vitor Munhoz ::

Purchase: Yo Yo EP – DJ Glen & Vitor MunhozDJ Glen on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter
Vitor Munhoz on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Sebo K ::

Purchase – Surreal (Sebo K Main Mix) – Freak SevenSebo K on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Kris Wadsworth ::

Purchase: Formerly Known As (Kris Wadsworth Hypnotize You Hoez Remix) – Peter OKris Wadsworth on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Ala ::

Purchase: Shit Ice Cream – AlaAla on Facebook | SoundCloud

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