Leave it to producer Teen Daze to evoke emotion and beauty into the simplest of tunes, leaving the listen in a state of contentment from start to finish.  Teen Daze doesn’t just apply this to this track, but nearly every track I’ve heard from Teen Daze allows the listener to let go of all pre-concieved thoughts and ideas and let the music run through them.  The young Canadian artist is rapidly gaining more and more of a following as the days go by, and for good reasons.  Teen Daze’s music should resonate with everyone.  In the nearly six minute track, not a single word is spoken, all the music does the talking.  Functioning like an ambient track, we don’t hear a consistent beat until around the two minute mark.  Teen Daze is on tour now, so catch him for a very intimate show!

Download Mountain Range It’s Lonely Around People, Too (Teen Daze Remix)

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