Sinden a Los Angeles producer and Brenmar a Chicago/NYC local have teamed up to bring you this new house tune.  While this might be the first time the two have collaborated their styles are too different from one another.  They’ve both remixed one another and both were featured on one of my favorite mixtapes of last year.  Mykki Blanco’s Illuminati Princess Mixtape featured both Sinden and Brenmar on my two favorite tracks, and guess what, both have stellar beats to match Mykki’s verses (check out Sinden’s track and Brenmar’s track).

As you can see above, Sinden and Brenmar are departing on a short Australian tour together in late March.  Without a doubt their styles will mesh like no other and prove to be an amazing show, which I’m bummed isn’t coming to the U.S..  Either way, this new one, “One Two” is a classic house tune.  Showcasing both of their abilities to be diverse in music making.  A ominous voice repeats to us the main vocal samples while the beat builds and digresses.  Listen and download below for an excellent track from Sinden and Brenmar.

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