Winter Park was the new home to the third year of SnowBall Music Festival this past March.  While many were skeptical about the new location, we think we can speak for a good amount of people and say that Winter Park is a awesome and fitting new home for SnowBall.  While the three day festival went by in a flash, we spent hours in the snow and sun dancing for every last minute of it!  One day was bitterly cold, another dumping snow and the last sunny, we can saw that got a taste of everything Winter Park had for us.  Day one of SnowBall Music Festival was the start of a three day adventure, and we’re here to give you the in’s and out’s of everything we experienced during this unforgettable weekend!


After checking into our cabin early morning Friday, our crew rejoiced that the weekend had finally arrived!  We all settled in, grabbed a few drinks and discussed our first move.  It wasn’t long before we were heading to the bus stop to grab a ride to the festival.  This year, SnowBall offered bus routes to-and-from most locations around Winter Park, Fraser and Granby, making our morning and late-night commutes much less stressful.

Our first show on Friday afternoon was Robotic Pirate Monkey, a Colorado favorite and SnowBall alum, especially for the Boulder crowd.  The trio performed in the Groove Tent, the second biggest stage of three in total.  In anticipation of their recently released Booty Snatch EP, the trio played out a few tracks to massive approval.  The floor of the Groove Tent was starting to solidify into what would be the slipperiest ice anyone has ever tried to dance on, but this didn’t stop Snowball attendees.  Look out for these guys in the future, they’re doing big robotic things!

Next was RAC in the Groove Tent.  Our whole crew was stoked to see RAC and they definitely did not disappoint. RAC’s unique flavor brought diversity and fun to the Groove Tent that was usually filled with only bass music.  Songs like “Hollywood”, “Climbing Up The Walls” cover and RAC producer track for Tegan & Sara, “Fool To Cry”.  RAC gave the ever-growing crowd indie-dance and nu-disco remixes and originals while the crowd moved in unison just as the sun was setting over the mountains.

555105_620996351250892_1206215398_nPhoto by Jordan Loyd

As the sun set and the temperature dropped things were heating up on the main stage as Porter Robinson took the stage.  Porter, still under the legal drinking age, made his second appearance at Snowball.  Porter Robinson absolutely blew the crowd away, we weren’t quite expecting the show we witnessed.  Porter threw down all the classics like “Say My Name”, “Language” and more on the massive main stage that didn’t short us on any visual spectacles.  The young man’s way of blending very heavy electro and dubstep warmed up the crowd in sub-freezing temperatures and was without a doubt a highlight of Friday night.


Next up was Kendrick Lamar, one of the few hip-hop acts on the lineup, Kendrick stole the show. Kendrick started his set by playing fan favorites from Section.80 and other projects while actively engaging the crowd. Later in his set, Kendrick pleased the crowd by playing songs off Good Kid M.A.A.D. City released Oct. 22nd. Highlights from his set include “Look out for Detox”, “ADHD”, “M.A.A.D. City” and ended he the show with his single “Swimming Pools” and you could hear nearly every attendee singing the words whether they were at the stage or just walking by.

After Kendrick Lamar our crew headed over to the smallest tent, The Ballroom, to check out American Royalty.  A three-piece Los Angeles band, that recently released their new EP, Prismatic.  While the tent was surely not as full as the Groove Tent or the main stage, American Royalty put on a fantastic show for those who were watching, engaging with the crowd and giving the festival goers something a bit different while playing out tracks from their recently released EP.  The show was intimate and no nearly as crowded as the other stages providing a unique experience at a music festival.


Closing out the first night of an amazing start to SnowBall weekend was none other than the Colorado favorite, Big Gigantic.  Like Christopher Walken needing more cowbell, Coloradans can’t get enough of that saxophone.  Domonic Lalli and Jeremy Salken make up the duo known as Big Gigantic and while the temperature was only getting colder, Big G’s music made everyone forget about the cold.  Big Gigantic premiered their new stage set up at SnowBall this year.  If you saw the duo live last year, you’ll remember their floating LED set up.  This year they’ve gone even bigger and more creative.  Three rows across and four columns down makes a look-a-like slot-machine made of LED screens.  You could tell that Dominic and Jeremy were stoked when the fireworks light-up the night as their set was finally coming to a close!

Find more photos below in our SnowBall Day 1 Gallery, courtesy of our photographer, Christian Johnson.


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