Aщa†¡ – SPVCED from VideosByTennis on Vimeo.

If you’re looking to be swooped up and taken away into a dark atmospheric wonderland speckled with bass and rolling snares then Minneapolis born producer Amati has just what you need wrangled up in ‘Dissension’. Having premiered via Sine Field Music Group just last week Amati himself has been gracious enough to grant us an exclusive download from the release to stream via our SoundCloud to turn all of your unknowing eyes towards this lush new release that might have slid by your radar. As you drift on through this spacey batch of tracks you will notice Amati did a great job of titling each number as you’re led into the unknown. From ‘Floating’ on in, to being left in the wake of the summers warmth as the EP draws to a close you’re get a great all around vibe from this 6-track release.

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