One out of only a handful of artists currently on the Circus Records arsenal, FuntCase is a pioneer of heavy-bass music with an incredible and diverse feel to his sound and rhythm. Mixing backgrounds in metal, jungle, and hard-style with modern day dubstep and drum n’ bass vibes, he has created a powerful and unique sound that continues to change with each and every new release. After dropping his last sub-busting single “Ghost” on The Shady Bunch EP only two months ago, this man is back and on full attack with a brain-crushing eight track EP cleverly named “Don’t P*ss Me Off”.

As a long-time listener of FuntCase‘s music, I can certainly see where this man is coming from titling his album as such, and even if you are not aware of his past, it will be very easy to find support to his claim in this potpourri of new bass. No matter what you may be looking for, you will undoubtedly find influences in grime, electro, jump, drum n’ bass, as well as hip-hop throughout this entire mega-EP, so why not dive in and see what FuntCase has in store for you?

The title track “Don’t P*ss Me Off” is one of two rowdy-yet-raw dubstep/hip-hop songs on the EP, featuring the ruthless lyrics of UK rapper MIK. The groove of the song takes a very unsuspecting change in direction as it slowly lessens into darkness, until a deadly mix of body-cringing bass sounds and grinding lasers are resurrected. The other hip-hop influenced track on the EP is “Everybody Knows” featuring verses from Foreign Beggars and OGz, and it showcases more of an “old-school” hip-hop feel to his already grimey sound.

Taking a more big-room-oriented approach with three of the songs on the EP, FuntCase exercises his skill in club-shaking electro/bounce music with “Stomptown”. For those fans of Dismantle‘s classic ‘Computation‘, you’ll find a liking to this song’s galloping bass line and reverberating laser melodies. The track “Angry Claws” however slows things down a bit to a nu-jump speed, and mixes a marching kick pattern with a diverse set of shrill bass sounds similar to those of Zeds Dead, Culprate, and Nero. “Predators” is the last, but certainly not least of the upbeat tunes on the EP, and it is a mind-numbing drum n’ bass tune that combines a powerful and head-rocking drum pattern with a perfectly stuttered and off-kilter mix of synth screeches and scratches.

The remaining three songs on the EP are each very diverse dubstep songs that just emanate dark and heavy bass within each and every note. ‘Titanium” is a metal-infused head banger featuring the immaculate drums of Daniil Svetlov, the current drummer of Russian band Amatory. The collaboration between these two genres couldn’t be smoother, and metalheads and dubsteppers alike will find this song worthy of the utmost of appreciation. ‘Charged Particle’ is on slightly different front, taking a more poppy approach to the dark wobbles. Featuring the epic vocals of Lewis Cutler, this collab with Engine-Earz Experiment provides an ensuing bass melody straight out of a horror movie, mixing aggressive and machine-gun basslines with heavy synth stabs and arpeggios. The final song on the ‘Fail!’ can only be described as “memestep”, using Internet-famous jokes and quotes to combine breakbeat dancefloor grooves with OG bass growls and wails.

If you enjoy this new EP anywhere near as much as we do, then you should head over to iTunes and dish out some cash to support this extremely talented DJ/producer!

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