How about a beautifully crafted and chilled out remix from Bronze Whale and Sahs?  Bronze Whale, a Austin duo, who are notable for their Skream cover, a collaboration with Ianborg and their Adventure Club remix, are back with another excellent display of their production skills.  The duo has topped the Hype Machine charts a few times and really should be getting some huge recognition for their material.  The collaborator, Sahs, also undoubtably added to the remix, but I am unable to find any links to Sahs pages (if anyone can direct me to Sahs Facebook/SoundCloud page it would be greatly appreciated).

Their “Lasting Words” remix should go directly into your iTunes library and be put on repeat so you can take in the full effect of this remix.  Like previous Bronze Whale material, we get to hear unmatched creativity and respect to the original while still giving the song new life.  The remix is a combination of a chilled out trap feel meets heavier bass and soft pop vocals.  With Spring time in the air and rapidly approaching, this remix will fit perfectly with you late afternoon drinks and conversation.  Download this now and show Sahs and Bronze Whale some love!

Download Taxidermy Hall, Bronze Whale, Sahs Lasting Words (Bronze Whale & Sahs remix)

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