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We awoke on Saturday morning with a wicked hangover, and bits and pieces of the events that occurred the night before.  Without a doubt, Day 1 of Snowball Music Festival was a huge success and our group shared stories from the night before.  We slowly gathered ourselves for Day 2 as we watched the snow storm come down outside of our window.  We knew it was going to be a cold and snowy day, but that wasn’t stopping our crew, nor the rest of the attendees of Snowball from enjoying a night of great live music!

We finally arrived at the festival in time to catch RUN DMT.  We recently had an interview with RUN DMT (check that out here), and all I can say is that John Robbins knows how to get a crowd moving.  RUN DMT hailing from Austin, TX showed the Groove tent how bass music is done right.  RUN DMT doesn’t cling to a certain genre but rather manipulates bass music into far-out blends of genres that you’d never think to hear.  RUN DMT’s remix to “Jah No Partial” set off the tent and he soon moved his way into the trap game and played out “Good To Me” among others.  RUN DMT set the tone for an awesome second day.

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Shlohmo: This was one of our most anticipated acts this year and he didn’t disappoint one bit.  From the moment he hopped on stage, and a group of fans greeted him with a joint, the party was underway in the Ballroom Tent.  Throughout his set, Shlohmo engaged the crowd while embracing both chilled out remixes that the audience could groove to as well as a good spritzing of hyphy songs thrown in that caused people to go absolutely wild.  Shlohmo’s “Fuck U All The Time” remix was one of the highlights from his set.  As the set went on, the more energy from the music was fueling the crowd into pure bliss.


This guy really knows how to put on an entertaining show. As the Dankles crew left Shlohmo and headed over to TEED (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) we were excited for a change of pace and ready to get our groove on.  For a good lot of people with us it was their first time catching a set from TEED and everyone was equally excited as he took stage and began wooing the crowd with lush vocal slid into an energetic set. The combination of vocals with his light set up, strange stage dancers, and dress left us awe-inspired as this was one of the best sets all weekend.  Highlights came from tracks like “Blood Pressure”, “Tapes & Money” and of course “Household Goods” which ignited the tent into a frenzy as the confetti cannons blasted!


As we emerged from the tents for what seemed like the first time all day our ears immediately picked up on the Oregon based Portugal. The Man ushering sweet melodies to a sea of people over on the Main Stage. This being their second go around up at Snowball it was refreshing to this truly talented group show Colorado what they had up their sleeves. Laying down rythmes both new and old we were gifted with a slew a tunes from their most recent release ‘In The Mountain In The Cloud’ along with a handful of older tunes. Churning out tracks from past releases ‘Church Mouth’ and ‘The Satanic Satanist’ this set was beyond refreshing and just what we needed after a day of great electronic music.


As people wandered from Portugal. The Man we were pulled along and wound up mixed up in the rowdy crowd that was frothing forth from the Groove Tent as Datsik proceded to pummel the crowd with bass. We made our way into the set as Datsik was turning things up with his ‘Bonafide Hustler VIP’ as well as his Swagga Trap VIP” and from there on out shit only continued to hit the fan. With a crowd more intense than an other one we had witnessed all day this set definitely helped a lot of people get some pent up energy out before bringing the night to a close with Pretty Lights over on the Main Stage.


Dereck Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights has continued to define this generation of music and the modern light show with his live performances. This set was the coldest of the weekend and Pretty Lights managed to keep the whole crowd warm by making us all groove to his tunes. Dereck expressed his endless love for everything Colorado with effects on his voice while talking, slowing it down and pitching it to create an effect of almost being in a dream. Instead of ending his set with a banger, he dropped a slowed down remix of his track “Hot Like Sauce” that was on the other end of the spectrum, providing us with a new chilled out remix to end the night.


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