What happens when you put two amazing producers in the same room for a while?  Well, if they’re anything like TWOS or Tours, then you might end up with a product that sounds mesmerizing like “As We Strive”.  TWOS and Tours are very similar in sound, both producing what most might consider to be chillwave or down-tempo beats.  Whatever you’d like to call it, it’s feel-good music and ready for any occasion.

Both artists, though small, have sounds that are reminiscent of artists that have been producing for years.  “As We Strive” starts with a vocal sample that is pitched up and down and casually carries itself into the catchy beat.  I won’t lie, this tune reminds me of someone like Flume, which is awesome for both producers.  The song takes soft vocals samples chops them up, pitches them up and down and all around to make a melody that is irresistible!  Download this one now!

Download TWOS & Tours As We Strive

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