Christian Bauhofer, better known as Minnesota, has graced us with a mix for his Eternal Frequencies Tour featuring Minnesota with Protohype and Dcarls. This mix provides us with 7 new original and remixed tracks including two tracks off his upcoming EP, Bloom and Totem. This mix features a C.R.E.A.M. accapella starting around 15:30 that is in my opinion one of the best uses of this popular WU-Tang anthem I’ve heard to date. This very relaxing mix has me excited for Bloom and Totem to be released for this EP will be worth several listens. Make sure you check out Minnesota on his Eternal Frequencies Tour!


Minnesota – Bloom (Forthcoming EF Equinox)
Cassie – Me & You (Minnesota Remix)
Human Suits – In Orbit (Minnesota Remix)
Minnesota – Totem (Forthcoming EF Equinox)
Minnesota – Ice Cream In It’s Right Place
Minnesota – Stardust
Minnesota – Indian Summer w/ (Wu-tang – C.R.E.A.M Accapella)

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