891712_480852001970052_336580895_oArtwork by: Harlequinade Art

What Futexture has conjured up in his ‘Experiential Topography EP’ is the creation of a creative process unlike any other. This presentation of musical grandeur  is David Crantz’s second release, but his first with Bluetech‘s imprint Critical Beats. As with all Critical Beats releases, 100% of sales go to The Rainforest Action Network, which helps protect some of the world’s most critical and biodiverse forest regions from deforestation and commercial development. As I noted before, the creative processes that fueled the cultivation of the music being put forth on ‘Experiential Topography’ are unlike any I have read in to before. Each of the 4 main tracks and pieces of  artwork for ‘Experiential Topography’ were crafted through a specific combination of ritualized, meditative, and physical experiences enacted during the creation process. Each piece was crafted during a different phase of the moon during January of 2013 at a specific time of day while aligned with a specific cardinal direction, herb, crystal, element, and animal Totem.

“Writing these tracks was an exercise in connecting and aligning with organic archetypes rooted deeply in both our physical world and intuitive mythology. By consciously interacting with these specific patterns of resonance both as symbols and physical experiences constantly during the writing process, the music and art is now inherently inseparable from them. ”        – Futexture –
Though this may clouded or only give you a vague understanding of David’s project at first, you can travel on over to his website to read a more immersive explanation of what went into this project. As you delve into the amorphous that Futexture has let loose upon the masses today be sure to let yourself slip into the sounds that envelop your eardrums. Lucky enough for us David was kind enough to offer us a little sampling of the EP to stream over our SoundCloud so hopefully same flavors from ‘Waxing’ hook you into the expansive experience in sound that is ‘Experiential Topography’.

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