The third and final day of SnowBall had arrived.  Once again we awoke, a little more tired and dillusional than the last, but still ready to take on the last day of the festival.  On Day three, we would be checking out Michal Menert, Grizmatik, Flosstradamus, Destructo and more!  The third day brought the crowd the best weather, sunny skies greeted the attendees all day and even for an extra hour because the clocks had changed the night before.


We entered the festival just as Colorado native, Michal Menert was finishing up his set.  Drenched to the bone with sweat, and loving every minute of it, Michal was moving the early crowd like no other!  I do have to saw I wish Michal Menert was playing later in the day so I could have caught his entire set, but from what I heard it was awesome.  Just after Michal was done, we got a switch up in style, Aeroplane was about to get on stage.  Aeroplane, the Belgium producer showed SnowBall how to groove with funky house and disco-house tracks, the highlight from his set was definitely his remix for Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”.


Not many people expected what they heard from the LA based, HARD presents founder, Gary Richards (better known as Destructo).  When speaking with attendee’s about Destructo, they seems to be puzzled by who he is and what kind of music he played, but it didn’t take long after Gary started that the crowd soon realized that this was simply, awesome.  Destructo brought along LA vibes and new age techno/electro sounds to warm up the Groove Tent.  We heard Destructo’s “LA Funky”, Gesaffelstein, “MYB” by Oliver and more.  Destructo plays that music the people want to hear, but don’t know it.  Multiple people told me they had a blast at Destructo and I could do nothing but agree with big smile on my face.

3A7B6577Remember this guy? He was pretty cool and did this all weekend.


Easily a Colorado favorite and the forerunners on that new genre known as trap music.  The duo of Kurt and Josh, Flosstradamus, took the stage on Sunday to one rowdy crowd.  As Destructo’s set was winding down, you could tell more and more people were coming to the Groove Tent to get a good spot for Floss.  Their recent success has done nothing but launch them to new heights and Colorado showed the Chicago duo that they love their music.  Opening with “Lana’s Theme” got the crowd hype right off the bat, and Floss continued their track demolition with “Deaf”, “Twark”, “Roll Up” and “Underground Anthem” just to name a few.  Their onslaught had the crowd feeling it the entire time, and sample drops like “Congratulations, You Won!” had the crowd smiling ear to ear.


Another huge part of the entire lineup was the addition of Grizmatik (Griz and Gramatik).  The love that the crowd has for both these artists is undeniable and it was clearly visible while Grizmatik was tearing up the main stage!  Grizmatik played off each other, each adding little bits of their own flavor to each song, and they even played out a couple new tracks too!


Flying Lotus was a favorite of ours here at The Dankles.  Flying Lotus has been focusing on material under his moniker, Captain Murphy, for some time now and seeing these songs performed live was even better than we had imagined. He had two semi-transparent screens, one in front and one behind him with projections on both of them. Whenever a Captain Murphy track was played, he stepped in front of the screen to appear as the Captain.  Flying Lotus’ show was more than just a performance, the visual set up provided an unbelievable second element when most performers fall short or only focus on the music.  Overall, Flying Lotus’ set was a highlight for our entire crew and possibly the best of the weekend.  Tracks like “Earthquake (Noisia Remix)”, “Getting There” and all four or five Captain Murphy tracks really stood out.


Jam-tronica was alive and well at SnowBall Music Festival this year, and closing out the entire festival was none other than STS9.  There is a reason why STS9 loves Colorado and fans love STS9, they put on one hell of a show.  Everything from their lighting, to sound, to stage presence emits awesomeness.  While all the memebers of STS9 were looking a little cold, the music they were playing warmed up everyone in the crowd, and without a doubt was a great way to end the three days of madness!

And just like that, all three days of SnowBall Music Festival came and went.  We experienced a wide variety of music, weather, people and places, all of which provided us with the unique experience that is SnowBall.  Nestled in Winter Park, Colorado, the new home was more than fitting and perhaps even better than the previous home in Avon.  The people were friendly, the bus routes were easy to navigate, the vendors and food trucks kept attendees full and occupied, I don’t know what else more we could ask for, but for another excellent year of music next March!

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