trippyturtleIf you like anything that is club music, remixes or T-Pain, you’re in for a REAL treat! From a song which I had always assumed was perfect, Trippy Turtle has twerked it into an absolute banger, which goes above and beyond anything I could have expected with it! The sample is barely changed, giving listeners an easy transition into the remix, while the rhythms used are straight up twerk-central. A lot of awesome builds that will make your face scrunch up until it drops, percussion that literally makes anyone who loves club music smile, and once the downtempo hits….. all I can say is OOOHHHHH-WWWEEEEE. A now classic style with a ridiculously “trippy” vibe thrown onto it, so whats not to love? I’m a fan of Jersey Club, but this is obviously about to be my new anthem. Stay up on Trippy Turtle because the things to come are obviously not something you want to miss.

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