LA based producer and DJ, Them Jeans is back with another great house-filled EP cleverly entitled, Vowel Play.  Them Jeans has been on my radar since hearing of his information packed and casual podcasts, Tall Tales, where Them Jeans sits down with artists to just “talk” for an hour or more.  The casual and informal discussions have lead me to learn much more about artists like Diplo, Brodinski, Classixx, Poolside and many many more.  With over 50 podcasts in total, you’re sure to find some talks that will interest you.

Them Jeans’ Vowel Play EP, is a mark of great production. The five track (three original and two remixes) EP gives you the best in house music.  Starting the EP is the title track “Vowel Play”, which as you might have guessed, plays on the vocal sounds of certain vowels for a result that sounds unlike anything I’ve heard before.  Next up is “Glass House”, a more toned-down original compared to “Vowel Play”.  It starts off sounding like something XXYYXX or Flume would create, then slowly leads up to a deep house drop that is infectious and mesmerizing all at the same time featuring soft female vocals over the track.  “Cortado” the third original is more upbeat and takes a page from techno synths.  Laser sounding synths blast away and change pitch as the tune carries on, creating yet another fantastic work.  The two remixes on the EP, both of “Vowel Play” come from Prince Club and BS1.  Both remixes hold on their own, but BS1’s remix truly stands out.

Listen to the full EP below and if you’ve got the money, throw Them Jeans a few bones here on Beatport.

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