The French duo, known as Monsieur Monsieur have just released a perfect remix via Mixmag for all to enjoy.  Bromance records artists remix another French artist, Panteros666, for a delightfully dark acid house remix.  Panteros666 has just released his newest mini-LP, Hyper Reality, a seven track exploration of techno, electro and the far reaches of electronic music.

This free remix is being released as a promo for Panteros666’s mini-LP, but this remix shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It’s thumping future-rave sound is something only few can create, or re-create and Monsieur Monsieur has done a wonderful job at that.  Fans of Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, and any hybrid of techno/electro will thouroghly enjoy this, plus Monsieur Monsieur hinted at a full acid house mix of this same tune to be release on Monday, check back then.  Check out Panteros666’s mini LP, Hyper Reality.

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