“Harbinger” is the latest 2 track EP to arise from the future-bass and genre-crossing vault of Philly-based Jack Deezl. As a long time follower of this talented producer/instrumentalist, I have watched him explore the realm of bass music to seemingly no end, producing everything from dark, sub-wrestling tunes to fast-paced, head-rocking jams. The “Harbinger” EP is an emotionally-bound journey through deep and spacey dubstep sounds featuring a self-titled track and a featured remix by up and comer Tilsonic. Both tracks are filled with a diverse mix of sounds, yet each song is disparate and creative in its approach. The smooth, resonating vocal samples and breakbeat drum lines unite both songs in feel. However, both songs are unique in their respective grooves, going from slow-rolling, R&B-like space bass to fast-faced, uplifting liquid drum n’ bass. This EP was released for free download, so if you like anything you hear be sure to add it to your library and/or give them a shout-out!

Jack Deezl on Facebook | Soundcloud
Tilsonic on Facebook | Soundcloud

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