Australian artist Ta-ku has remixed fellow aussie band Ginger & The Gost’s debut single, “One Type of Dark”. Tak-ku’s sound cultivates with every track he releases. Not once have I ever heard any botchy sounds or messy editing. His technique is very proficient and professional sounding when it comes down to the nitty gritty of his production skills. This time inparticular Ta-ku took the original ambiance of “One Type of Dark” and was able to keep that while creating a whole different sound. Impossible you’d think right? It’s actually pretty cool. Although he takes samples from the original and completely alters the beat with his signature drum sounds, it still delivers a feeling of mysterious fantasy. The approach Ta-ku took is impressive because he doesn’t just disregard the original and put his own sounds over it (like many artists do), but blends and balances the sounds so that they are complemented and feeding off of one another. Bottom line is, download and listen to this track.

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