It’s Monday once again.  Whether you’re just getting settled on spring break, returning from an epic vacation or just back on that work grind, Little Daylight’s newest remix will help you get through Monday.  The anonymous trio that is Little Daylight has brought us some of the best indie dance remixes and originals I’ve ever heard.  You might want to check out their infectious original “Overdose” (read more and listen here), or try out their Passion Pit remix (read more and listen here).

Those are just two samples of their ever expanding library and if you head over to their SoundCloud page, you’ll find so much more and best of all, it’s all for free download!  Yesterday, Little Daylight released their remix for The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”.  The original is incredibly catchy and phenomenal to say the least, and Little Daylight’s remix just keeps it simple and sticks to what they know.  If you want feel-good tunes, look to Little Daylight to fulfill your every need!

Download The Neighbourhood Sweater Weather (Little Daylight Remix)

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