machinedrum (1)

In Astrophonica‘s search “for a new sound” Machinedrum graced them and the world with this refreshing little ditty. Something reminiscent of playing Sonic on way too much acid, but still keeping things very trill and calming in a strange way, this track can make any kid from the 90’s feel at home. Almost “sloppy” sounding synths make you dance to this like a caveman , but a caveman left in a time machine set to a rave in the year 3030, dosed on that super-dank-dankness. If a new sound is what Machinedrum was aiming for in this VIP, then he hit the nail on the head.  With some future DnB vibes, mixed with some old school house and trill deep dub, this track is bound to take you on a journey like none other!

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